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Sarder Talks: CEO

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Leadership: How to Create Competitive Advantage Through Talent and Right People
Right People are the most important asset in an organization. One of the biggest challenges CEOs and executives face is making sure that leaders and teams are performing at their greatest level. CEOs need to devote significant time ensuring organizations have the right talent, leaders are meeting companies' requirements, and employee performance is aligned with business objectives.

At the Sarder Talks: CEO we will discuss the role the CEO and high-executives play in creating conditions for an organization to achieve competitive advantage by developing leaders and its teams.

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Sarder Talks: CEO
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  • 1. Four thought leaders as panelists
  • 2. Major location: New York City
  • 3. Attendees: 25 to 35 local leaders from Fortune 1000 companies
  • 4. Industry recognized host and moderator


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